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Mary Creedon
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Plano, TX

Hello, my name is Mary Creedon and I am an independent insurance agent located in Collin County, Texas. Original from Massachusetts, I lived in Texas for thirty years. My background has been extensively in patient health care working in Cardiology and Vascular. I became a health insurance agent because I wanted to help people navigate tricky policies and provide my clients with a peace of mind. I’ve experienced first-hand how complicated health care insurance can be and the frustration it leaves the patient. My experience can help relieve some of that concern. I believe all policyholders should be aware of their risk exposures and understand their health care purpose. It is my goal to help each of my customers through their questions, understand what healthcare policies make sense for them, and provide the best possible plans to help them choose their health coverage.

I am licensed in Texas: Health and Life insurance

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, golf, swimming and all fitness/sport activities. My passion aligns with functional fitness and nutrition.

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