Dorrie Bice has been working with my husband and I for a couple of years now. Because of her help and expertise we are sure we are covered correctly for our medical needs. Just recently we need help and Dorrie was all over it and we were able to get the issue resolved and see the Doctors we needed ! It is a huge relief to know there someone there to help navigate the hurdles.We enjoy working with Dorrie and her team very much!

Debbie Q.

Dorrie helped me get a Humana plan that fit in well with my tricare for life that I have as a retired military person. She went over the different plans and I got one that fit my needs and gives me some money back to my social security account. I am well satisfied with the service also. She has answered questions that arose after I got the plan and got me the answers I needed. I am very satisfied with everything.

Charles M.

Dorrie first signed us up about 10 years ago in Flower Mound. She has always been there to answer any of our questions regarding our plans. We are moving to Arizona soon and called Dorrie to find out if we could use our same plan. She reassured us that even though we can not use the same plan, she would help us find one that would work for us there. She got licensed in AZ and walked us through our options and told us our next steps. She made it so much easier for us. We are very appreciative of her!

Raul and Lydia G.
Flower Mound

Nearly 12 years ago I called Dorrie for her advice about a problem that came up with my insurance policy. I started with a few questions, and, I kept asking her more and more questions, which she answered. She finally asked if I could hold on for moment. She informed me that she was currently in between contractions while in labor at the hospital. I apologized profusely for calling at such a bad time, and keeping her on the phone while she was in labor. Her response was that she was good for a few more minutes to help me solve my insurance problem. I declined and told her to go and have her baby and that my problem could wait. So, my advice is this: If you are looking for an Insurance agent that will be there for you , and one who will go the extra mile for you when necessary, then you can not go wrong choosing Dorrie Bice.

Richard G.
Denton, TX


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